The Talk Fusion


At Talk Fusion, we believe that barriers can be broken, limits can be exceeded, and the status quo should always be challenged. We’re a company of innovators with an enviable history of foreseeing future trends long before the masses. Where the world sees obstacles, we see the opportunity for change.

That’s why we are on a mission to forever simplify the way people communicate online by removing boundaries created by outdated technology.

Some people say today’s world is more connected than ever before, but actually we are more disconnected: separated by what type of device we’re using, what social networks we belong to, and what communication platform we’re on. We spend forever logging in and out of multiple accounts, updating our software, and downloading different dated programs to execute the same goal: to communicate with one another.

That’s where we come in.

Talk Fusion is breaking down barriers with a simple, unified communication solution powered by the most modern technology available. By rethinking the way people connect, we are reshaping the future.

We’ve created a better tomorrow where people can easily add video to their emails, chat face to face with anyone anywhere, and hold live conferences with just the touch of a button—transforming company workflows, strengthening personal and business relationships, and laying the foundation for new groundbreaking ideas. We have taken the next step into a click-to-connect future: creating a richer, more collaborative user experience with products that are as intuitive and powerful as they are rich in advanced simplicity.

The Talk Fusion Video Suite is a brilliant recognition of our mission, our vision, and our commitments. What drives us connects you.

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